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CAPSolar specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-efficiency, custom solar modules.

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Back Contact Solar Cells

The latest generation of semi-flexible Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) cells offer outstanding efficiency in partial shade and at high temperatures. Their reliability and durability surpass those of all other silicon technologies. This innovative design ensures optimal performance even in the most extreme weather conditions.



This type of photovoltaic cell boasts an unprecedented production capacity for vehicle-integrated solar panels. Simulate the installation of a panel on your vehicle with

our simulator.



These photovoltaic cells enable the creation of highly flexible solar modules. This technology makes it possible to adapt photovoltaic panels to all kinds of vehicles without any loss of performance: vans, utility vehicles, trucks, or even boats... Try installing a panel on your vehicle with

our simulator.

Our Solar System

Custom design

At CAPSolar, we take pride in providing modules with an infinite number of possible variations, including size, shape, color, and texture of your choice.

Top performance

Combined with our in-house designed power electronics, our panels are among the best on the market in terms of daily energy yield.


Our power electronics systems are paired to data acquisition to ensure seamless integration in your everyday operations and optimal energy management.


You can rely on us to provide you with complete solar module systems bringing a fast ROI and unbeatable quality

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Our Capabilities

CAPSolar specializes in the design and manufacturing of customized solar modules.

We offer modules with an infinite number of possible variations, ranging from the backsheet, frontsheet, encapsulant, junction boxes, to the shape of the photovoltaic panel and its color.


The Frontsheet is the top layer of the solar panel that will be in direct contact with the external environment, making it the protective layer and the one that ensures efficient transmission of solar rays to the cells.

We offer the option of having a Frontsheet in PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), which is highly scratch-resistant and can be 100% recycled, or in ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) for higher durability, protection against chemical aggressions, saltwater, and UV rays.

A small exploded view of a solar panel to show the different layers.

Furthermore, our panels can have a frontsheet with various textures: glossy, matte-textured glossy, or matte-textured, allowing for better aesthetics and non-slip surfaces

A photo showing the different texture options available for customizing solar panels

They can also be colored for better integration into all your projects:

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color illustration
color illustration
color illustration
color illustration
color illustration
color illustration
color illustration
color illustration
color illustration


Our modules can have a transparent, white, or black backsheet for a more aesthetic appearance that perfectly complements your projects.

3D illustration showing the different colors available for backsheets


We laminate our modules with different types of encapsulants, depending on our clients' needs. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a very good option for projects with limited budgets. However, we use POE (Polyolefin Elastomer) for excellent layer adhesion, greater UV resistance without yellowing, and extended module lifespan.

Photo of a roll of encapsulant

Panel shape and connection method (junction boxes)

Our solar panels can be customized in both dimensions and shapes. The shape is also a crucial factor in the aesthetic outcome of your project; we tailor our panels according to the space available for your projects to optimize the active surface and maximize energy gain.

3D illustration showing the ability to make solar panels of any shape

Share your needs with us, and the CAPSolar team will offer you the solar panel of your dreams!

A project with CAPSolar


Needs Definition

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Initial discussions with the client to determine their needs



Image showing the construction of a solar panel

Design and confirmation of the solution



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Installation of the solar module system



golf cart equipped with a shaped solar panel

Support and ongoing performance verification


We can develop solar panel systems for your vehicle.

Coming soon to cars!

Get ready! We are currently working on a new type of semi-transparent solar panel module to be integrated into the roofs and/or windows of electric and hybrid cars.

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Need solar energy for your vehicles?

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