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Commercial Vehicles

CAPSolar offers customized photovoltaic panels that adapt to all types of vehicles!


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More Electric Trucks?

Many truck manufacturers are directing their efforts towards electrification, to the extent that they have committed to converting at least 30% of their new heavy truck models to electric models by 2030.These heavy-duty vehicles require frequent and often long charging stops.


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More Electric Vans?

Electric vans are gaining in popularity, especially for last-mile deliveries, with many major companies such as DHL, FedEx, Amazon, and Purolator. The global electric van market was valued at $17 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $127 billion by 2030. Clearly, one of the main issues related to this market is the low range, dependence on chargers, and increasing operational costs.

Recreational Vehicles

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More Electric RVs?

Currently, the electric recreational vehicle market offers few options. However, several brands are striving to develop prototypes with captivating designs. One of the main challenges associated with electric RVs is the substantial energy consumption inherent to these large vehicles. Additionally,RV trips often take place in remote areas, making charging infrastructure less accessible.


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More Electric Buses?

Recently, the demand for emission-free and energy-efficient public transportation solutions has increased. This is due to strict government emissions regulations and strong government incentives for electric buses. However, the infrastructure is not ready to accommodate the switch to electric.


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CAPSolar Panels to Charge Them!

To address this issue, CAPSolar offers customized solar solutions that adapt to your specifications and allow for increased autonomy and improved operational efficiency of trucks. These heavy-duty vehicles require even more frequent and longer charging stops. Test their effectiveness right away with our simulator.

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