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Low-Speed Electric Vehicles

CAPSolar offers customized photovoltaic panels that adapt to all types of vehicles!

Utility and Ground Support Vehicles

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Solar Revolution for Utility Vehicle Fleets?

With the global shift towards carbon neutrality, many utility and ground support companies are electrifying their fleets. This is common practice in transport terminals, logistics and freight services, manufacturing facilities, and on construction sites for transporting loads, passengers, or equipment over short distances in challenging ground conditions. CAPSolar offers solar solutions for these utility and support vehicles.

Golf Cars

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Optimized Autonomy and Efficiency?

Electric golf cars are becoming increasingly popular in golf courses, private communities, colleges and in the hospitality industry. To meet these markets, CAPSolar offers solar panel systems replacing the vehicle roofs to increase their autonomy, reduce their dependence on chargers, and maximize their operational efficiency.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles - NEVs

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Eco-Energetic Mobility?

As NEVs are equipped with emission-free electric motors, they provide an environmentally friendly urban mobility alternative, reducing air pollution and noise in overcrowded areas. With the increasing demand for eco-energetic mobility solutions, neighborhood electric vehicles are suitable for city commuting and short trips. Their appeal also lies in their cost-effectiveness, with lower costs, minimal maintenance, and eligibility for tax incentives.


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CAPSolar Panels to Charge Them!

To address this issue, CAPSolar offers solar solutions that adapt to your specifications and allow for increased range and improved operational efficiency. These low speed vehicles would typically require even more frequent and longer charging stops but not with CAPSolar! Test their efficiency now with our simulator.

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