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CAPSolar offers customized photovoltaic panels that adapt to all types of vehicles!


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The Future of Navigation?

Recently, the maritime industry has been shifting towards more sustainable propulsion methods, including electric catamarans. This market is certainly on track for significant growth; projections indicate an increase from $3 billion in 2023 to $8 billion by 2030 in market size. This evolution certainly presents advantages: operating and maintenance costs are lower than those of traditional boats due to simplified propulsion systems, and reduced fuel and maintenance requirements. However, charging infrastructure remains a key element in supporting this growth. CAPSolar thus offers customized, lightweight, and flexible solar modules that will adapt to the desired surface, color, and texture, without detracting from the beauty of your boat while making it more autonomous and clean.


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Custom Solar Power for Yachts?

Adding solar power to yachts is an excellent solution to diversify the energy sources of these boats. These large vessels are perfect for solar panels as they have large potential surfaces to cover, which translates to more energy production possibilities. In the case of yachts, the key with solar modules is to ensure they integrate aesthetically without compromising the beauty of the luxurious boat. CAPSolar addresses both design and efficiency by offering solar modules in the shape, color, texture, and size of your choice while targeting market-leading power.


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Electric Pontoons Tested for Autonomy

Pontoons are perfect for leisurely cruises, activities, and even some longer trips. With increasing environmental awareness, the demand for eco-friendly watercraft continues to grow. That's why the emergence of electric pontoons has sparked an interesting growth trend in the boating industry. However, electric pontoons require frequent charging stops, which slows down the adoption rate. To address this issue, CAPSolar offers solar systems that help extend the autonomy of your batteries during your journey.

Bowrider Boat

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More Electric Boats?

The emphasis on reducing emissions globally, supported by favorable government initiatives, is driving the electric boating sector forward and electrifying all kinds of boats. Currently, the market is dominated by Europe, but North America and the Asia-Pacific region are not far behind. To support this growth, CAPSolar offers customized solar modules to meet your boat's specifications.


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CAPSolar Panels to Charge Them!

To address this issue, CAPSolar offers solar solutions that adapt to your specifications and allow for increased autonomy and reduced dependency on almost non-existent charging infrastructure in marinas. To learn more, contact our design team to get an estimate of the solar potential of your boat.


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